A manufacturer specializing in transportation seats 


MYUNGBO ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. provides customers with the finest quality and technological innovations for buses, trucks, and ships.



 Specializing in transportation seats

We Make Things Better.

MYUNGBO ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. is  an industry leader with superior expertise and advanced technology. Through research and development over the past several years, we have grown together with our customers based on unwavering conviction and management principles.

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We make things better

All our staff is working tirelessly to lead the transformation, improve quality, and become a leader in the future technology of commercial vehicles.

Head Office: 12 Hongti-ro Saha-gu Busan  

Tel: 82-51-263-3111  |  Fax: 82-51- 263-3113 

Email: mbenterprise@hanmail.net

Gimje Factory: 30-45 Bonghwang gongdan-2 gil, Gimje-si,  JeonBuk

Tel: 82-63-546-6110  |  Fax: 82-63-546-6199 

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