Specializing in production of commercial vehicle seats, MYUNGBO ENTERPRISE recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction, respect for human beings, and preservation of the global environment, and has established environmental, safety and health policies as follows:

1. Safety First

Emphasize safety of all employees first, and realize zero accidents by preventing health-safety related accidents and removing harmful and dangerous factors.

2. Legal compliance

Environmental safety, health laws and other requirements

3. Environmentally-friendly products

Develop environmentally friendly and safe products

4. Goal settings and implementation

To minimize impact on environment, safety and health

5. Evaluation and improvement activities

Environmental safety and health evaluation, continuous environmental safety and health activities

Head Office: 12 Hongti-ro Saha-gu Busan  

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Gimje Factory: 30-45 Bonghwang gongdan-2 gil, Gimje-si,  JeonBuk

Tel: 82-63-546-6110  |  Fax: 82-63-546-6199 

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